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Self Storage in Victor, NY
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Why Customers Choose Us
Unique Access Codes/Unit Door Alarms:
Your personal access code simultaneously opens the gate and disarms the door alarm on your unit. Upon leaving, your access code again opens the gate and re-arms your unit door alarm.
Interior/Exterior Lighting:
Bright motion activated lighting in every unit and all hallways for comfortable access 24/7. Bright lighting of all buildings and drive lanes for safety at night.
Full Perimeter Fence/Gates:
Security fence encloses the entire property. Fast acting vertical gates enable quick easy entry and exit even through ice and snowstorms when competitor’s rolling gates often fail.
Video Monitoring:
All public areas of the property are covered by motion activated recording cameras creating a record of on-site activities 24/7.
24/7 Access:
Come and go as you wish - day or night, weekends or holidays – whatever you need.
Touchless Keypad Entry/Exit:
'EZ Code' smartphone app for keypad free entry and exit at gates and building doors.
Loading Dock (Mall Location Only):
Minimize lifting by rolling your valuables from truck to your unit via the freight sized elevator.
Autopay Available:
You can set up automatic payment for worry free timely payments.
Climate-Controlled Units Available:
Protect your belongings with units that automatically maintain temperature.
Smoke/Fire Alarm System:
All internally accessed units feature smoke/fire detection equipment for your peace of mind.
Cylinder Locks:
All our units have cylinder locks, and you get all the keys. Easily cut padlocks or disc-locks are for our less secure competitors.
Pest & Moisture Control:
Natural, environmentally friendly deterrents keep bugs and rodents away from your unit. A 15mil. under floor slab water barrier prevents ground moisture from entering.
Boat & RV(Mall Location Only)
Wide Drive Lanes & Parking Spaces:
Ample room for easy maneuvering large RVs and trailers.
Touchless Keypad Entry/Exit:
'EZ Code' smartphone app for keypad free entry and exit at gates and building doors.
Dump & Water Station:
Free Access for RV users to dump waste and refill potable water tanks.
Trickle charger power outlets available (3 amp).


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About Victor Self Storage

Victor Self Storage continuously strives to maintain its tradition of having the cleanest and highest quality self-storage facilities in all of western New York State. Our cutting-edge technologies provide the most convenient and hassle-free experience our customers have come to love. Our welcoming atmosphere and stellar customer service keep customers returning again and again.

With almost 800 units that are both regular and climate-controlled, ranging from 5’ x 5’ to 14’ x 45’ as well as 100 parking spaces, we can meet any need for self-storage.

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