Why We’re the Superior Choice

Convenience Icon Convenience:

  • 24/7 Access: Come & go as you wish: day or night, weekends or holidays—whatever you need.
  • Sanitary Dump Stations: All RVs stored with Victor Self Storage have access to our safe, sanitary dump stations. We make it easy to empty your black and greywater holding tanks, keeping your equipment clean and ready to store.
  • Free Water Filling: Whether you’re looking to clean your hoses before storage or fill your water tank upon pickup, our free water filling provides everything you need for your RV or boat storage.

Safety Icon Safety:

  • Full-Perimeter Fence: Our security fence encloses the entire property & our fast-acting vertical lift gates makes it easy for you to enter but hard for tailgaters to follow you.
  • Video Monitoring: We record everyone who enters and exits the facility, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Unique Access Codes: Instead of the 1-2-3-4 code that everyone uses, you get your own unique access code to the theft-proof cylinder locks that guard your valuables.

Protection Icon Protection:

  • Climate-Controlled Units: Protect your belongings with units that automatically maintain temperature.
  • Pest & Moisture Control: Natural, environmentally friendly deterrents keep bugs & rodents out of your unit & a 15mil water barrier prevents ground moisture from entering.
  • Theft & Damage Deterrents: Using your driveway for your boat and RV storage leaves them vulnerable to theft or elemental damage; store with us to prevent unwanted harm/access.

Boat Storage & RV Storage Units

5'x10' Storage Unit 11’x40′ Parking
  • Outdoor/Drive-up access
  • Free water & dump station
First Month FREE!
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5'x10' Storage Unit 11’x35′ Parking
  • Outdoor/Drive-up access
  • Free water & dump station
First Month FREE!
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5'x10' Storage Unit 11’x40′ Parking w/ Power
  • Outdoor/Drive-up access
  • Free water & dump station
First Month FREE!
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5'x10' Storage Unit 11’x35′ Parking w/ Power
  • Outdoor/Drive-up access
  • Free water & dump station
First Month FREE!
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5'x10' Storage Unit 14’x45′
  • Outdoor/Drive-up access
  • Motion activated in-unit lighting

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5'x10' Storage Unit 12’x30′
  • Outdoor/Drive-up access
  • Motion activated in-unit lighting

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200 School Street
Victor, NY 14564

7607 Commons Boulevard
Victor, NY 14564


Gate Access: 24 x 7
Office Hours: 9:00am – 5:30pm Mon – Fri,
8:00am – 4:00pm Sat

Phone Numbers

Main Office: (585) 924-9290

Things to Consider

Here are some things to consider when choosing your boat or RV storage unit at Victor Self Storage.

Do I want:

Indoor Storage: Looking to store your boat or RV away from the elements? Pick an indoor unit that protects you from sun, rain, ice, snow, and anything else that nature throws your way. Fully-enclosed options offer greater protection, potentially removing the need for winterizing wraps. But, do be sure it’s clean and all perishable items are removed before storing.

Outdoor Storage: Need an affordable option that keeps your stored items safe? Consider outdoor boat and RV storage. Our full-perimeter fence encloses the entire property, keeping unwanted guests away from your stuff while it’s stored. Vehicles must be winterized for outdoor storage and, while we do plow the entire property in winter, it’s almost certain that ice, wind, and snow are going to meet your boat or RV.

Power Options: This is a great option if you opt to keep your battery attached and plan to use a trickle charger while the item’s in storage. By keeping a charge on your batteries, you ensure they’re always kept at an acceptable level without overcharging, thus prolonging battery life.

No-Power Options: Planning on taking your battery with you after you store your items? Then look at our affordable No-Power options! We keep your boat or RV safe and secured from unwanted guests while still providing you access should you want or need it.

  • Drain the Water: As most people know, water expands when it freezes. The same goes for any water left in your RV plumbing system during the winter; it will expand as it freezes, opening the door to potential breaks in fittings and lines. Avoid costly future repairs by draining the water before you store.
  • Prep the Exterior: Make sure your roof, sidewalls, seams, windows, and doors are all winter ready with a tight seal. Cracks and openings can cause unwanted damage, with water, bugs, and other things potentially getting into your RV while it’s in storage.
  • Save your Battery: Batteries left to sit often lose their charge and then, eventually, die. Save your battery during storage by either removing it entirely or using a trickle charger to keep your battery at an appropriate charge.
  • Add Fuel Stabilizer: When left unused, gas can often go bad, creating unwanted resin deposits in fuel lines. Adding a stabilizer will help prevent deposits from forming and potentially damaging your RV.
  • Check In: While it’s easy to store and walk away, it’s not a bad idea to check back in to make sure everything is holding up (especially with an outdoor unit). Stop by every few weeks to make sure no damage has appeared and, if it has, get your RV in for repair straight away. Waiting until spring will only make matters worse!
  • Clean the Machine: By giving the interior and exterior of your boat a good scrub-down before going into storage, you are drastically reducing the opportunities for mold and mildew to grow on your vessel.
  • Change Oil & Coolant: You want to keep your engine in tip-top shape, and an oil change and coolant flush will help prevent freezing in various parts of your engine.
  • Top off the Tank: It’s best for boats to sit with a full fuel tank to help prevent a build-up of condensation throughout its time in storage. Add a marine fuel stabilizer and you’re set to store.
  • Lubricate: Don’t forget the small but crucial systems that should be lubricated before periods of long storage. If applicable, apply marine grease to the fittings on the sterndrive gimbal bearing, engine coupler, steering tilt tube, engine trim mechanism, hinges, latches, linkages, ratchet mounts, bow rollers, and any other moving part.
  • Cover Up: A boat cover will help protect from dust, dirt, grime, moisture, and anything else that may waft through the air during your boat’s time in storage. Consider shrink-wrap for better protection against the elements if using outdoor storage.

About Victor Self Storage

Victor Self Storage is excited to open its second location, right by Eastview Mall. We continue the same tradition of high quality self storage, a clean & welcoming atmosphere, and stellar customer service. Our outdoor RV parking is the perfect way to protect your recreational vehicle from damage in the brutal Western New York winters.

RV customers of Victor Self Storage can utilize our RV dump station, top off their water supply, or even use our 3 amp outlet for a trickle charger. We also offer over a hundred parking spaces for cars, boats, and trucks.

Plus, we take the safety of your belongings seriously. Our 24/7 video surveillance monitors the property, while individual door alarms protect your units from unwanted entry.

Our temperature controlled units are the perfect solution for storing belongings and are backed by second to none customer service. We are positive that you will be absolutely satisfied with your self storage and customer service experience. Reserve your unit or parking spot today!

About Victor Self Storage

Our indoor units are accessible via an oversized elevator for a fast, and easy moving experience! Our wide selection of convenient unit sizes ensures every storage need under the sun is covered! Need boxes, tape, or other moving supplies? Stop into our full retail store during office hours! Our goal is to provide the highest quality customer service and self storage experience!

Hear from our Customers

I was looking for a secure climate controlled storage facility with 24/7 accessibility. I travel the New York Thruway every day, so location was important. Victor Self Storage is conveniently located and is by far one of the nicest storage facilities I have visited and used. I have run my business out of there for two years now and I have nothing but great things to say! Victor Self Storage is safe, secure, clean and accessible. Not much more you could ask for!


I wanted a storage facility that was secure, accessible, reasonably priced, and in the right location. I've used other storage facilities in the past that really didn't make me feel like my "stuff" was safe, and there wasn't anyone around to help out if I had an issue. Victor Self Storage is an extremely good facility, yes, I'll say great. I've been extremely happy with Victor Self Storage for well over two years now in ALL aspects, and I DO recommend them every chance I get!


In my line of work, a quality storage facility is essential. I was looking for a clean, climate controlled area. I need the very best in regards to customer service, safety, and surroundings. Victor Self Storage provides all of that and more. The staff is FABULOUS and it is by far the best storage facility in the greater Rochester area!